Tracy's VIP Day

I have somehow managed to infect my niece with the puzzle-virus; on May 21, 2002 I visited her class to describe, and with any luck, transmit, the simple epiphany of puzzle-solving.

These puzzles are targeted at precocious ten-year-olds. If you're ten and you know what precocious means, then you qualify.


My presentation begins with a brief description of The Game, and a demonstration of some simple puzzles. Of course I call attention to the most fundamental mapping in puzzle-solving (A=1, B=2, etc.) because they are certainly going to have to use it.

I repeat: A=1, B=2, etc. A committed puzzler will have memorized this before their eighth birthday.

Then I present a note I received from the president of the Very Important Puzzler's League, which I desperately want to join:

The goal here, is to take the following six puzzles and synthesize a single password from them:

A word about puzzle #3: it should be printed out on a transparency, and cut into three squares. If, for whatever reason, you're producing these in bulk, a 2-up version of puzzle #3 may be found here.


Haven't finished this part yet.