That's the trouble with games, I think: seductive as hell, but ultimately a big fat nothing. What's the point? What's the higher purpose? I can't see any, especially while losing twenty-nine out of fifty-one. Scrabble feels sad and meaningless, its role in other players' lives imbalanced and pathetic. I don't want to end up like them, obsessed with a game. So I take a break. I go to the library. ... Like [Expert Scrabble player] Lester Schonbrun after he moved away from New York and his game-room lifestyle, I refuse to admit that the game is important to me.

Stefan Fatsis, Word Freak


I play Scrabble in tournaments. I can't help it. I love the game. My rating is somewhere in the 1300's, and it's going to stay there unless I start studying word lists, which is something I have little interest in doing. So it stays.