Nmg Sr'aaa: The Anagram Assistant

Nmg Sr'aaa will help you compose anagrams that sound just like they were composed by a real raving lunatic!

Just type some source text—somebody's name, your favorite baseball team, the list of ingredients on the side of a box of Cap'n Crunch—into the bottom field. Then tab into the top field and start typing. If you type a letter or number that exists in the source text, it is removed from the source text on the fly. If you type a letter or number that doesn't appear in the source text, it is rejected and you should hear a "beep." When no letters or numbers appear in the bottom text field, you have a perfect anagram of its original contents sitting in the top field.

Spaces, carriage returns, tabs, and punctuation are all ignored for the purposes of anagramming. Lowercase letters are interchangeable with their uppercase counterparts.

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